Friday, June 26, 2009

June 27, 2009 collage

Here are the finished paintings. They are both overworked, busy, and it great need of being painted over - but the background experiment didn't yield anything new. I used the background in one painting, and not in the other. My only lesson would be - don't fall in love with the background.

The coffee filter painting pretty much did it self. I sprayed white paint to look like spray from the waves and I title it "Chicory Island". The book painting took more time. I removed many beads, added color, and peeled the yellow paint from my palette and glued it on the coffee filters because it looked like the sun. I titled this one "Heavenward" because that was the title of the book that I used.

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  1. These are great Judy. Just love the site.
    Joyce S.


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