Friday, August 14, 2009

The Orange Canvas Project - 8/13/2009

Back to work on the orange canvases – which now have been white washed. You might be thinking I’ve just gone back to the “Blank White Canvas”. But no – it’s just a thin wash of off-white, much of the orange still shows through leaving a warm glow. It’s all part of the layering process.

I am drawing faces, coloring them with colored pencils, and will collage them onto these painted canvases. I need lots of layers before I even get to the drawings.

I spent some time perusing through my stash of collage papers and finally settled on this origami paper. It has a delicate lightness and a feminine quality to it. I think it will be very appropriate.

This is all part of my process – the revelation of the unplanned painting.

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