Monday, February 7, 2011

Plein Air Snowman

Today was a fabulous day for a walk. No snow. No freezing rain or sleet. Welcome Mr. Sunshine, haven't seen you in a while! We met this snowman on our walk. I'd like to say I drew him "plein air" in the true spirit of an artist, but no, I took a picture instead. In all fairness, in spite of Mr. Sunshine, it was still pretty cold. And 
Mr. Lumpy here didn't have anything to say, so the one-sided conversation became boring very fast. Plus, I was walking AJ the Alpha Dog, who didn't find Mr.Lumpy The Snowman all that awesome, and threatened "yellow snow" if the walk didn't continue! So - I brought my digital picture of Mr. Lumpy home to my computer, loaded him up on my monitor, and drew him "plein aire a la sofa" - the first sketch in my sketchbook as I slowly come out of hibernation.


  1. I LOVE Mr. Lumpy - he's got so much character! Good thing he retained his white coat, no yellow to be found.

    I hope you are staying warm and safe!

  2. Great snowman Judy...just my kind of guy.
    Welcome to The Whimsey Asylum...if you're looking for artsy and quirky you came to the right place...make yourself at home.



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