Friday, December 2, 2011

Courage Lion Book

Time to start thinking about the new book for the Courage Lion Project.
Here is the website for the Foundation - - with all the info about the first project - a book, CD, and stuffed lion - so far over 30,000 have been given to children in critical care facilities.

Book II will be started soon. The 1st book was about having courage, this 2nd book is about grief and loss. I have learned that only 5% of "grief and loss" is from a loss as a result of a death. The majority of grief is a result of disease and illness, physical handicaps, emotional trauma, anything from losing a home, changing foster parents, the list goes on and on. As soon as I get the first draft of the text, I can start the storyboard.

In the meantime I am practicing. Since my audience will be older kids this time in addition to the younger ones, and their families, they've asked me to dress the animals in the attire and accessories relevant to kids today.

This goofy giraffe is my first attempt. I think he is goofylishish - maybe too goofy for this type of book. Anytime you try to dress an animal, it's going to get silly. Maybe the story won't have a giraffe!


  1. A NEW Courage, too COOL!!

  2. What is this medium? I love the smoothness of this artwork, great job!!

  3. Love this. He is so cute. Joyce S.

  4. This is wonderful, Judy! Thank you for the information about the foundation. Can't wait to learn more!



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