Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Burridge workshop

"It's never too late to be what
you always should have been"
Start every painting with the 4 C's -
Concept, what is the big idea -
what is your Color combination -
what is the Composition -

Those of you who know me will think the following paintings don't look like my style -
they are not - they are exercises from Bob.
Paint pears in black and white, in color, with light source, paint negative space . . .
Paint 100 - until you get it right . . .

Use a big big brush, a painterly technique, lots of water and the best quality paint -
which I do not have, and I found out it makes a big difference.
Cover your table with heavy plastic and use it as your pallette.
Paint on paper, canvas, boards, what ever is your favorite.
Paint everyday - many many paintings everyday.
Find a subject you like and paint a series - in fact - paint 100 of them.

Tomorrow I'll post more painting exercises - I chose the subject matter - 
and they will look like mine!

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