Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy has come and gone, except for the lingering showers, cold temperatures, and leaf clogged water drains. We are the lucky ones - able to enjoy one of natures wonders - without any damage to life and property.
We were able to be amazed at the amount of rain that accumulated, while unlike so many less fortunate, our houses stayed dry and safe.
Our Lake - Sunday
watch how the island in the middle of the lake disappears

Our Lake - Monday
the island is getting smaller and the water is creeping closer to the yards

Our Lake - Tuesday
the island did not go completely underwater
but the lake to come up about 4 feet onto the lawns

Gratefully. the experience was anti-climatic. At one point, Sandy's path, when it hit land was straight across the Mason-Dixon line, right over my house. But, we were spared. The rising lake, the howling winds, and a dog who didn't want to get wet - even though he loves to swim - were enough for me.
I did take the extra time to clean up my studio - now - back to work . . .

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