Friday, March 29, 2013

Journal Page - The Manadala

The hindu graphic symbol of the universe

I draw Mandalas when I need a break from all my other art. I take alot of liberty in my interpretation of them. And then when the ball point pen joins in - anything can happen!!

Mandalas in my other art . . .

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Red & Purple Vase Sketchbook Journal page

The Red & Purple Vase
To be used in collage paintings,
but sitting here alone on this sketchbook page . . .

You know I can't let that happen
the WHITE SPACE must not happen
Fill it will ball point pen doodles!!

If you want to see fabulous

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Blue Background Sketchbook/Journal page

Another colored background.

Enhanced with ball point pen doodling.
Left to my own imagination,
my doodles invariably contain
strings of beads and
weaving patterns.

I love weaving and have used woved pieces
in many of my mixed media paintings and drawings.

Woven fabric . . .
Woven painted paper . . .

Ball point pen drawing . . .


What do your doodles mean?
Personally - my string of beads
indicate that I am lacking in confidence.
But the completed circles mean that
a wish will come true.
The repetitive shapes - weaving - mean that I keep
going and going and going
that I have patience, persistence, and
the ability to concentrate - Duh!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Geometric Backgrounds Sketchbook Journal page

Geometric colored pencil background -
I created this to use as collage material for the background in my paintings.
It worked well, both as one piece and
cut up in pieces.
Now I need to create more for a variety.

And of course, I couldn't leave well enough alone - I had to add more stuff -
a quote I love -
sorry I did not note who the author was - my bad!

Backgrounds can be as much fun as the subject matter itself.
I got the idea of creating collage material for my back grounds from Annie Williams, mixed media artist. She paints patterns on paper and collages them for her background, then paints a still life on top.

Check out the unique backgrounds here:
Rachel Ann Austin creates unique
and interesting backgrounds
for her colorful paintings with
materials as simple as a map.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Journal page Decoy and Dragon

The colored pencil DECOY

and the dreaded WHITE SPACE turned
into a DRAGON with a ball point pen
the Feathers and
the Scales
the repitition
the design
they are so similar and yet so different

. . . again, another collage
 - unfinished -
needing so much.
But, not all artwork is meant to be
a finished complete painting
ready to be framed and hung on a wall.
Some paintings are just sketches,
just the beginning of an idea.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Jester Journal Page

It wouldn't be my sketchbook without
the Clown
and the pin wheels
I am quite partial to these colors and the costumes and history of jesters.
I used these drawinsg in another collage
The pin wheels, a colored pencil drawing
 are also a journal page
the background was painted with acrylics
more Jesters . . .


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Journal page - Still Life VASES

Still Life Objects
I've always wanted to use my own drawings
 in my collages rather than something created by someone else.
So - the next few journal pages will be
still life colored pencil drawings -
 the beginning of my own original collage ephemera stash.

Those two lonely vases
floating in that empty sea of white
out came the ball point pens
amd I added a woven flowered background to tie it all together
anchored to the page

My first attempt at using my drawings in a collage.
It is far from successful
far from complete
but it is a beginning

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Colored Pencil Journal Page - vintage & polka dots

The next Journal page, I'm still interested in pretty girls.
Then the White Space
screamed at me . . .
and out came the ballpoint pens.

I tried drawing pretty things to go with the pretty girls.
Beach balls for the polka dot skirt.
Poodle dog and cat for the vintage skirt.
But - conceptually - my mind is not filled with pretty things.
It is more fun to draw creatures and things that are not quite human or natural.

I've been asked if I was angry.
I've been told I should draw things that  people likje to look at -
 barns and flowers and puppies.
I just don't want to do that anymore.
 The photographers do a fabulous job at that, they can have it.
I'm not angry.
 This stuff is more fun and interesting.


   Merry Christmas