Monday, May 16, 2011

My Lake this Summer . . .

I live on a lake, a small lake. It is man-made, forty plus years old,
surrounded by small vacation homes that have since been converted into year round residences. Aside from the one-hundred homes in my neighborhood, the lake is a home to ducks and geese and turtles, fish, muskrats, beavers and snakes (I pretend they don't exist).

My favorite time of the day, is late afternoon when the sun is reflecting across the lake like dancing crystals. But I know it's not really crystals - it fairies - fairies dancing in the sunshine across the top of the lake.

But - sad news - our lake needs some maintenance to fix the forty year old dam equipment. Maintenance that will necessitate the draining of the lake. Luckily we are attached to a second lake, so the fish and other aquatic mammals will go there and the birds will go there. But I will miss the geese who's night time banter puts me to sleep and the quaking ducks who wake me up. As the water recedes more and more each day, my dog watches his favorite play spot disappear.

Sadly, he does not understand where his lake is going.
It's going to be a long brown and muddy summer.

But, mostly, I wonder where the fairies will go.


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