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Ball Point Pen Art

My first attempt at two colors. This artist/illustrator is another fine Ball Point Pen artist.
Carine Brancowitz
Her work has a very illustrative look to it and she uses more than one color - she adds red and blue. Striking

Ball Point Pen Art

I love pin cushions, I should do a series of them.

Another fabulous Ball Point Pen Artist Jerry Stith Jerry's claim to fame is that he started the Ball Point Pen movement He also created a facebook page for the Ball Point Penners

Ball Point Pen Art

I'm still playing with the ball point pen. The pen you use truly can make a big difference. Some leave blobs of ink and some struggle to even leave a mark. Looks like if I want to produce art like Andrea Joseph, I might have to invest in quality pens.This little fairy was executed with a UnitedHealthCare freebie pen!
Andrea Joseph Ball Point Pen Artist extraordinaire

Ball Point Pen ART

Here is a very interesting video to watch. James Myline took a challenge to recreate a Masterpiece painting using just a ball point pen. This drawing took him 90 hours. I'd love to try that, but I don't have 90 hours to spare - in my world that would take me 3 or 4 months.

2012 Goal . . .the ball point pen

One of my GOALS for 2012 is to try something new a new medium remembering, of course, it can't cost anything, it can't take up anymore room than I already have, and I must be able to work small
So, I decided to try BALL POINT PEN ART not a big stretch, since I doodle everyday with one pen or another as I'm a consumate doodleller, doodler, how do you spell that?

Anyway - I digress - I read in my 15 minutes of  research that in recent years (probably recent like 10 or 15), the ballpoint pen has become a popular medium for artists, even professional artists (that makes it authentic).
The instrument offers slow results, with little or no preparation required, along with portability, and relative low cost.
lowcost - portability - no preparation this just cries out for me!!

Nick Bantock - collager extrordinaire

Collager - is there such a word?
COLLAGER, one who collages.
Another recommendation, and my last, even thou I could go on and on . . .

Nick Bantock

Not only is he a prolific artist, but also a writer.
I would read his
It is a correspondence between a man and a woman, both artists, they use their own handmade postcards to write to each other. The book is filled with collage art. But the charm is the interactive element, letters that you the reader can take of the envelope, unfold and refold. You become an intimate part of the romance and mystery that follows. Bantock uses the most ingenious vechicle to present his art.

Those books are just plain fun, but a must read is his autobiography -

a real insight to his creative process. This is one of my favorite art books!

Collage Collage Collage

One of my favorite collage artists is

Anne Bagby

She also uses her own art as collage material.
Her work has so much texture and and so many layers,
it has a feeling of richness and royalty.

Check out this videos on her website, to get a quick idea of how she works.

Collage Collage Collage!!

Naturally, there is a website for a collage society National Collage Society Visit it now and check-out the 2011 27th Annual Juried Exhibition If you join the NCS, as a member you can enter their annual Juried Exhibition. Some great competition there! In the spring they also have an exhibition just for collaged POSTCARDS, very interesting what some artists can fit on a postcard.

ellie said... love collage. Thanks for the link to see so many good ones! You make my day happy and full of beauty.

He Saw His Shadow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Punxsutawney, PA.

If he sees his shadow, be prepared for six more weeks of winter weather. If there is no shadow to be found, then spring is just around the corner!

So - today is Groundhog Day - a regular holiday in Pennsylvania. Tens of thousands of people travel to Punxsutawney before the sunrise. They have to park miles away and take shuttles into town. And from what I understand, the average Joe can't even get near enough to see Phil, the world's most famous groundhog. Punxsutawney Phil emerges from his warm burrow at about 7:30 am to greet the tens of thousands of people who have made the trek to Gobbler's Knob, outside of Punxsutawney, PA.

Jamie Burch said...
Does that mean winter is going to actually show up? Yikes! It's been feeling more like spring lately.Same here Jamie - I didn't even wear a coat to work today - 40's & 50's - where is the snow?