Friday, February 10, 2012

Nick Bantock - collager extrordinaire

Collager - is there such a word?
COLLAGER, one who collages.
Another recommendation, and my last, even thou I could go on and on . . .

Nick Bantock

Not only is he a prolific artist, but also a writer.
I would read his
It is a correspondence between a man and a woman, both artists, they use their own handmade postcards to write to each other. The book is filled with collage art. But the charm is the interactive element, letters that you the reader can take of the envelope, unfold and refold. You become an intimate part of the romance and mystery that follows. Bantock uses the most ingenious vechicle to present his art.

Those books are just plain fun, but a must read is his autobiography -

a real insight to his creative process. This is one of my favorite art books!

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