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Key West Children's Book - Mermaid & Manatees - page 9

Page 9 - Manatee Mermaid Chicken, Cat, Lizard, but alas - no turtle or lizard, in the final sketch I added the
turtle and the lizard,
the shoes, and the precious EGGS I love the Manatee Mermaid

Key West Children's Book - page 8

page 8 - Riding Bikes in the SKY Chicken, Cat, Lizard, Turtle, and the EGGS . . . and of course - in the final sketch - the cat and the chicken  don't like bike riding in the sky!! . . . and the shoes . . .

Key West Childrens Book - page 7

Page 7 - Ribbons of Rhythms Chicken, Cat, Lizard, Turtle, and the EGGS in the final sketch . . .
and the boy has lost his shoes,
so I'll have to keep track of them
 in the following pages . . .
Watercolor base, and the start of colored pencil . . .

Key West Picture Book - page 6

Page 6 - Mandarin Orange & Avocado Tree Chicken, Cat, Lizards, the Turtle, stuffed Bear and the Blanket plus the EGGS in the final sketch I've started the watercolor painting and the colored pencils. I can't share the story here, but I can say it is a LULLABY and this is what happens in their dreams,

Key West Children's Picture Book - page 5

PAGE 5 Chickens, Cats, Lizards and . . . Turtles and another little surprise . . .
CHICKEN EGGS !! I wanted to know how this was going to look in color, so I painted the preliminary sketch  with watercolors and colored pencils . . .

This is the finished illustration

Key West Children's Picture Book - page 4

PAGE 4 Chickens and Cats and Starfish and . . . Lizards
The Toy Box lid got in my way - so I removed it. Then I had room to hang the Teddy Bear from the hula hoop!

Key West Children's Picture Book - page 3

In addition to the chickens and cats, I've added starfish. I also have to make sure the Teddy Bear and the plaid Blanket are in every illustration.

Key West Children's Picture Book - page 2

PAGE 2 I started with chickens on page 1, so there must be chickens on page 2.
Plus I've added cats. The chickens were in the text, but not the cats.
But as the illustrator, it is my perogative to add to the story. Key West is known for it's cats and chickens - so it just seemed logical.

Key West children's picture book - Page 1

The first step is to draw the thumbnail sketches for each page. This is page "1".
Once I get a "sketchy" idea of what I want in each illustration, I do a full size illustration for each page.
I carefully evaluate all the illustrations together and determine the changes I want to make. I'm looking for consistency, flow, and making sure everything in the text has been conveyed - and more - the artist can add to the story with the illustrations. When I am satisfied with the changes, I draw the finished illustration with ink. Painting comes later. On page one - I decided to change the girl's hair style, made the boy's blanket plaid, put sandals on his feet, and added polka dots to the girl's dress. Now I have to remember to keep these details the same throughout the book.

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