Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Key West children's picture book - Page 1

The first step is to draw the thumbnail sketches for each page.
This is page "1".

Once I get a "sketchy" idea of what I want in each illustration,
I do a full size illustration for each page.

I carefully evaluate all the illustrations together and
determine the changes I want to make.
I'm looking for consistency, flow, and making
sure everything in the text has been conveyed
- and more -
the artist can add to the story with the illustrations.
When I am satisfied with the changes,
I draw the finished illustration with ink. Painting comes later.
On page one - I decided to change the girl's hair style,
made the boy's blanket plaid,
put sandals on his feet,
and added polka dots to the girl's dress.
Now I have to remember to keep these
details the same throughout the book.

On to PAGE 2

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