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The Pin Cushion Art Journal painting

I like pin cushions. Can't explain why. Since I was very young and my Mom taught me to sew, I've liked pin cushions. I could never understand how anyone could keep their pins in a box. Even a pretty box. The pins belong stuck in the cushion. Out in the open for all to see.

And not just any pins - I must have the pins with the colored balls. All the colors. Shiny. Happy faces.

I ponder my pin cushion painting. The red strawberry pin cushion.

I favor the checked support for the pin cushion to sit on. A woven background. Maybe. Or a quilted background. A nine patch would be lovely.

And pins. All the colors. With HAPPY FACES. For fun.

LEO art Journal painting

I have in my mind's eye a series of painting with the look and feel of a journal. I see painting, collage, lots of drawing and words. The drawing part is the easiest. The words are more difficult. Verbal sharing is one of my many weaknesses. But I feel the need, the tug to put it on paper or rather, put it on canvas.

LEO is the first painting. Leo is my zodiac sign so I want to start with the most allegorical painting first. I layer the canvas with paint, glazes, tissue paper, wall paper, painted paper and paper bags. The final layer are the words that describe a Leo - the words describing me. I paint the words with a thin brush and ponder each word as I lay it on the canvas. Devoted. Creative. Egotistical. Controlling. I mix the good with the bad, the Yin and the Yang. 

I draw the masks on Bristol Board paper with ball point pens, black, brown and orange. This is the part I love - the drawing. I take my time and loiter.

 The scrabble tiles are inspired by a gift from a dear friend. …

Art Journal Painting - Leo

My First Art Journal painting ~ LEO. 
I've prepared the canvas with layers of colors and collage.

 Tissue paper with stars, wallpaper with jungle ferns, papers with handwritten words, and layers of acrylic glazes.

I researched the good attributes and the not so good attributes of a Leo and painted these words on the background.

Then I went to work on the Leo masks which I created with ball point pens and bristol board. These will be collaged on the painting.

Thought I would use Scrabble tiles to show the LEO in my painting.  Who would have known that Leo Meme was only worth 3 points!! .

Art Journal Paintings

Busy busy busy working in my Art/Visual Journal.  I have discovered that many of my pages lend themselves to becoming paintings. So - my next project - my next body of work - my 2015 project -  will be Art Journal Paintings. The first one I've begun is a semi-self portrait in the broadest sense. My Zodiac sign is Leo and that is what I've based this painting on. Here are the Journal pages that inspire the painting.

I started with a mask. Anytime I think self-portrait, I think of using a mask.  What a better mask than my own LEO.

Along with LEOish sketches, I've added some attributes of the LEO. Some I can be proud of, like Generous and Loyal. Others are embarrassing but oh so true, like Pretentious and Vain. It's the Yin and Yang making me a whole person!

This is a self portrait from 2008 ~ the beginning of the LEO mask.