Friday, December 12, 2014

Art Journal Paintings

Busy busy busy working in my Art/Visual Journal.
 I have discovered that many of my pages lend themselves to becoming paintings. So - my next project - my next body of work - my 2015 project -  will be Art Journal Paintings. The first one I've begun is a semi-self portrait in the broadest sense. My Zodiac sign is Leo and that is what I've based this painting on. Here are the Journal pages that inspire the painting.

I started with a mask. Anytime I think self-portrait, I think of using a mask. 
What a better mask than my own LEO.

Along with LEOish sketches, I've added some attributes of the LEO. Some I can be proud of, like Generous and Loyal. Others are embarrassing but oh so true, like Pretentious and Vain. It's the Yin and Yang making me a whole person!

This is a self portrait from 2008 ~ the beginning of the LEO mask.

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