Friday, December 26, 2014

LEO art Journal painting

I have in my mind's eye a series of painting with the look and feel of a journal. I see painting, collage, lots of drawing and words. The drawing part is the easiest. The words are more difficult. Verbal sharing is one of my many weaknesses. But I feel the need, the tug to put it on paper or rather, put it on canvas.

LEO is the first painting. Leo is my zodiac sign so I want to start with the most allegorical painting first. I layer the canvas with paint, glazes, tissue paper, wall paper, painted paper and paper bags. The final layer are the words that describe a Leo - the words describing me. I paint the words with a thin brush and ponder each word as I lay it on the canvas. Devoted. Creative. Egotistical. Controlling. I mix the good with the bad, the Yin and the Yang. 

I draw the masks on Bristol Board paper with ball point pens, black, brown and orange. This is the part I love - the drawing. I take my time and loiter.

 The scrabble tiles are inspired by a gift from a dear friend. The Leo tiles add up to the number 3.  In numerology "3's" are imaginative, optimistic, artists, extravagant, vain, complainers, the list goes on.

Funny how the numerology descriptions are the same as the zodiac. I can't escape who I am.

I collage my own drawings with the rest of my collage painting. I blacken the eyes so the viewer can't see into my soul. I've already revealed more than I am comfortable with, What remains in there - is mine alone.

I put the painting on the shelf. I will come back to it. The need to distance myself will benefit my appraisal of it. 
I know it needs some changes as I do personally. But now is not the time.

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