Monday, February 29, 2016

Choose your mood painting

 I'm on a roll painting blue-hair ladies. I first drew the picture on the canvas with an acrylic marker. My whimsical blue-haired lady is holding three masks - three choices for her day. 
We all make this choice everyday.
The choice should be easy. So how come I'm not happy all the time?

I've applied the first coat of the acrylic. She will ultimately be a blue-hair, the second in my series of two blue-haired ladies. I'm contemplating the collage - fabric or paper. 

 I love the background - vintage table cloth. Does anyone remember the pink plaid with red cherries?

Thursday, February 25, 2016

art exhibit Feb 28th

Bring the kids and the young at heart!
Come to the opening reception Sunday, February 28th at the York Art Association.
There is a Youth exhibit in the main Gallery and my paintings in the Sally Danyo Gallery.

Come visit with Barbara Gorski, author of Solisbell Island, the latest book I illustrated.

Monday, February 22, 2016

2016 - My second painting this year

Sketchbook Journal. 
Another blue-haired lady. 
At our age, we have come to realize that each and everyday we choose our mood. We can decide to be happy, or sad, or angry. Happy. Why wouldn't you choose to be happy everyday?

Thursday, February 18, 2016


- John Vernon Lord

I discovered John Vernon Lord when I ran across his blog,
I love his detailed, whimsical, black and white drawings. This book is packed with fabulous samples of his work. I highly recommend it.

Goodreads quote:  "When they put down this book after reading it, the reader will emerge as if from a dream or a magical, fantastical journey."—Raymond Briggs

John Vernon Lord is a master illustrator of children's and adult books. His famous book The Giant Jam Sandwich has been in print for over forty years.

This collection presents a wealth of previously unpublished material from sketchbooks and diaries along with memoirs from Lord himself. It is an essential chapter in the history of twentieth century illustration and offers an insight into the life and working practices of a master draughtsman.

Monday, February 15, 2016

My Blue-Haired Purse Lady

Finished. My first painting of 2016. 
Fun and Whimsical. 
My blue-haired lady, boldly wearing 
plaids and stripes and animal print.
Standing in front of her vintage wall paper and 
wearing her dress-up pearls.
The stripes in the wall paper are fabric, 
but that is the only collage I've added to this painting. 
Anything you think is missing in the painting is probably in her purse.

Monday, February 8, 2016

My 1st 2016 Painting

Blue Haired Whimsy

The inspiration for my first painting this year. Something fun and whimsical. A blue-haired lady, much like myself if I actually had blue hair. At the blue-hair age, we can mix plaids with stripes or even wear mismatched shoes. We don't care so much what you think.

I started with my trusty acylic marker to make the drawing on the canvas. The white white canvas. I used to paint the entire canvas with one base color. This time I'm painting a base coat with many colors. Maybe not the final color, but a color that would look good if it were to show through the final coat.

I also find it interesting now that I am at the blue-hair phase in my life, that I need to carry a purse or bag everywhere. Filled with items I might never use, but just can't leave home without.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Living Artists I admire - Stephanie Ackerman

stephanie ackerman designs

"Creating a life that reflects my dreams, living a life that defines my purpose"

Am I the last person to discover Stephanie? I've seen her art many times, but finally discovered the artist behind these delightful creations. Her work is inspiring and her energy is contagious. Just visiting her website and blog made me feel like rushing to my studio and finding JOY!!


   Merry Christmas