Monday, February 8, 2016

My 1st 2016 Painting

Blue Haired Whimsy

The inspiration for my first painting this year. Something fun and whimsical. A blue-haired lady, much like myself if I actually had blue hair. At the blue-hair age, we can mix plaids with stripes or even wear mismatched shoes. We don't care so much what you think.

I started with my trusty acylic marker to make the drawing on the canvas. The white white canvas. I used to paint the entire canvas with one base color. This time I'm painting a base coat with many colors. Maybe not the final color, but a color that would look good if it were to show through the final coat.

I also find it interesting now that I am at the blue-hair phase in my life, that I need to carry a purse or bag everywhere. Filled with items I might never use, but just can't leave home without.

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