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Xmas Books


Nutcrackers - Holiday Art - Pen & Ink

I attended an artist talk with  Robert Oughton, York PA.  He is a black & white, pen & ink artist/illustrator.  What an inspiration!! So - I decided to do a little pen and ink myself.

Gingerbread House - Holiday Art

The Gingerbread House
Some of my art is unlovable. This is one of those pieces. 

Before the blender pencil, I was ready to recycle it.  After using the blender pencil, the colors became more vibrant but it still is a least favorite, overworked, poor composition and just plain yucky.

Elf on a Shelf

Elf on a Shelf  is the new Christmas rage.  So I decided I needed an Elf also.

I used the blender pencil on the elf above  but not on the Elf below.

Candy Cane - Holiday Art

This is a BEFORE and AFTER: colored pencil after using a blender pencil,

and colored pencil before using a blender pencil.

Holiday Art

Candy Canes The iconic Holiday candy.  Tape them on the gifts.  Stuff them in the cards.  Hang them on the tree. But never ever eat them.

Tis' the Season - Xmas colored pencil

Tis' the Season
Time to get out the RED and GREEN paints and pencils. Dig out those nostalgic and iconic holiday themes. Tried and true and re-done a million times. Draw that candy cane anyway. It's  still special.  It's  still you!