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Hurricane Sandy has come and gone, except for the lingering showers, cold temperatures, and leaf clogged water drains. We are the lucky ones - able to enjoy one of natures wonders - without any damage to life and property. We were able to be amazed at the amount of rain that accumulated, while unlike so many less fortunate, our houses stayed dry and safe. Our Lake - Sunday watch how the island in the middle of the lake disappears

Our Lake - Monday the island is getting smaller and the water is creeping closer to the yards

Our Lake - Tuesday the island did not go completely underwater but the lake to come up about 4 feet onto the lawns
Gratefully. the experience was anti-climatic. At one point, Sandy's path, when it hit land was straight across the Mason-Dixon line, right over my house. But, we were spared. The rising lake, the howling winds, and a dog who didn't want to get wet - even though he loves to swim - were enough for me. I did take the extra time to clean up my studio - now - b…
We've spent the weekend winterizing the homestead - getting ready for the hurricane. We are (3) hours west of the East Coast, so surging oceans won't  be our problem - just gobs of rain and wind.
This is our last little bit of fall color we have. By Wednesday, all the glorious fall foliage will be gone. Nature's way of housekeeping.

Already the dog is worried about his daily walk.

We brought in all the hanging baskets, and tore up whatever was left of the flowers. It's starting to get that bleak winter look.

They've lowered the water level in the lakes so there is no chance of flooding.

The over flow is dry as a bone, wait until tomorrow . . . Sandy will change all this!

Collage Conundrum

I let my muse take a vacation, but now it's time to get back to WORK. Ah - but what should I do.  There are no exhibits or shows coming up, nothing that I need to do for anyone else. What do I want to do? Paint?Draw?Collage?  - definitely collage. Paper and glue is my catalyst to creating.
But lately I've been having some confusion with my collage art. I don't want to use anyone else's work, like photos from magazines. Don't get me wrong, I've created a slew of magazine collages.
Some that I really love.

Some that are just plain fun

And some that make fun.

But I find more and more,  I am not satisfied with using pictures  that belong to someone else. I need to make my own collage material.  That's what I'll work on next.

The Muses . . .

Your MUSE can be ANYTHING that provides inspiration for your work The source of your inspiration is your MUSE - a person - a supernatural force from the spirit world - or a place or thing.
Some say that Georgia O'Keeffe's muse was the Palo Duro Canyon.

Many thought Andrew Wyeth's MUSE was all about location -  Cushing Maine and Chadds Ford PA, But it was discovered that he had another MUSE - Helga
Then there was Frida Kahlo who acted as her own muse She said, "I paint myself because I am the subject I know best."


The Muses

The Muses - the nine goddesses from Greek mythology who are responsible for the inspiration of artistic work
John Lennon & Yoko Ono inspired each other, they were each other's muses
Jim Morrison said he was inspired by the spirit world

Joni Mitchell, folk rock artist, said her creativity came from her spirit guide.

Some believe their inspiration comes from God/the Universe and they are just a tool, that they are being used or are possessed.
Does a MUSE have to be a person - real or spirit or imagined . . .

The Muses

The Muses - the nine goddesses from Greek mythology who are responsible for the inspiration of artistic work.  The most famous muses are gender driven. You read about so many men who had women as their muses.
Gustav Klimt had Emilie Floge
Toulouse Lautrec had the Moulin Rouge dancer, Jane Avril
more recently, Bob Dylan had Suze Rotolo, who was featured on the cover of his 1963 album "The Freewheelin"
Historically, the MUSE has been used by men to describe the women that they have been in love with and made the subject of their work.
But the Muse does not have to be a woman or even a human being . . .
DearUniverse I have misplaced my MUSE - again. Losing my muse is not the problem. The PROBLEM is that I don't seem to care. What did you say? She   is   not   lost? You think I locked her in the closet? Well - maybe I should look in there - tomorrow.