Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Collage Conundrum

I let my muse take a vacation,
but now it's time to get back to WORK.
Ah - but what should I do.
 There are no exhibits or shows coming up, nothing that I need to do for anyone else. What do I want to do?
Paint? Draw? Collage?
 - definitely collage.
Paper and glue is my
catalyst to creating.

But lately I've been having some confusion with my collage art.
I don't want to use anyone else's
work, like photos from magazines. Don't get me wrong, I've created a slew of magazine collages.

Some that I really love.

Some that are just plain fun

And some that make fun.

But I find more and more,
 I am not satisfied with using pictures
 that belong to someone else.
I need to make my own collage material.
 That's what I'll work on next.

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