Friday, June 28, 2013

Illustrating Children's Picture Book - Key West

I am illustrating a children's picture book.
the manuscript is a rhyming lullaby with a Key West setting.
Ahhhhh - Key West -
I'm seeing bright primary colors - lots of color.

Using my trusty Storyboard template,
I break the manuscript down into the pages. 
I will use page 3 for the "title" page and page 32 for "the end" page.
That leaves me 14 2-page spreads.
I want to have a full page illustration on one side and
the text along with an small illustration on the facing page. 

There is a passel of animals, fish & fowl in the story -
so I've collected some reference photos of
Key West critters to go along with the landscape photos I already have. 

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