Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Redeeming the Poetry Painting

I'm ready to recycle this painting - maybe a gallon of
nice white paint will fix it for me or a gallon of gasoline and a match!
But, I am not a quitter.
I'm sure this painting can be redeemed.

What is the biggest obstacle for me?
The thought of a realistic painting?
Landscape realism is not what I like to paint -
what was I thinking?

So - being true to myself - I'm making changes.
I've added a pattern to the path between the trees.
A checkerboard path which ends up
looking like a painted canvas rug. Perfect.

Still boring and empty - no focus.
I've added a string of banners which seem
to fit with the new canvas rug.
A banner of leaves and acorns from the trees
and the color blue that peaks between the branches and leaves.

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