Monday, May 2, 2011

Underpainting - Alice

"In art, an underpainting is an initial layer of paint applied to a ground, which serves as a base for subsequent layers of paint."

Underpainting is usually monochromatic, used to plan the light and dark. I, however use a full palette to build my foundation. Mixed media starts in my underpainting - paint and paper - color and texture - yum yum! I made a paper weaving using velvet ribbon and paper and glued it to the right side of the rabbit, you can see that little square. Even though I love the weaving, I decided it was too much to use it on the whole background.

I want this painting to have mostly warm colors. So I might use some cool colors or opposite colors in the underpainting. This will help the final painting to pop. So far all I've applied is collage paper. I can't stay away from the glue!


  1. Beautiful poem, beautiful illustration!

  2. Looking forward to seeing these finished!

  3. A very delightful image and words- happy and spring-like-- your ideas about underpainting are very interesting.



   Merry Christmas