Thursday, April 28, 2011

Alice and the Rabbit Paintings

Part of preparing for my MIXED MEDIA paintings is gathering supplies. I have plenty of acrylic paint and mediums, but I will need paper, fabric, ribbons, or whatever stikes my fancy, for the collage. I have a huge stash of all that stuff, but I am always on the look-out for new stuff. I found some fabulous ribbons tied to bag lunches that were delivered to the office a few weeks ago. I went trash can diving for them. I found some cool paper at the stamp store that I frequent. I even got some fabric from the craft room at my parent's retirement community. I've chosen a few fabrics and paper to make weavings for the background. Part of my process is planning the painting as I collect the collage material,
it is a form of meditation for me.
If you like weaving - either paper or cloth - check out this blog:
Here you will find the most beautiful art quilts with lots of weaving.

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  1. judy...thanks for your recent comment about my painting. i can't wait to see your Alice paintings come to life -- keep posting progress! I looked through some of your recent posts about style and although I don't regularly check in, I do recognize a Judy Grupp when I see it. Love your style and I love the black outlines!



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