Wednesday, June 22, 2011

No Ribbon for my Rabbit!

I did not win at the York Art Association Rottler Exhibit,
not even an honorable mention!
Oh well! C'est la vie!
But the good news is:
~ My paintings are hanging in a public venue for one month
~ I now have a painting ready for the Juried Show in September
~ I now have 2 paintings ready for the Riverview Gallery next March
~ Painting Alice and the Rabbit was on my Art Bucket List !!

and as a consolation prize -
I did win the Judy Grupp Studio Award for
"Being Engaged in Life"
or better known as -
at least I got up off my tookus and did something!


  1. I love your consolation prize - that drink looks cold and delicious!

    And while you may not have won this contest, your pictures certainly won MY heart!!!

  2. They look amazing hanging up! I love the colors! :) Great job!

  3. Judy, I love the Sinatra piece and though you did not win creating art and showing your work is a great way to engage life there are a thousand and 1 ways to hide from life at the very "least" your in there throwing paint and encouraging to me and my work THANKS for speaking those at the YAA I did need to hear them:0)!

  4. I think your paintings are amazing. My first visit to your site. "Everything has beauty, nbut not everyone sees it." Confucius--

    I know many see your beautiful works.



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