Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lions Lions and more Lions

I'm finally finished the preliminary black & white sketches for the Courage Lion book - Duffy's Story. Days and days I've been drawing lions. Sad Lions, Mad Lions, Happy Lions. Father Lion, Sister Lion, Brother Lion. Lions on skateboards, scrapbooking, at school and at home. The whole story is about Duffy missing his Mom who had died.

A few of my illustrations were of Duffy's Mom - a reflection in the river, Her image in the tree leaves, old photos, and the last one I drew was of her - with wings - in the clouds.
Lion With Wings

Not something you would see everday. So isn't is ironic that when I took a break and went blog surfing - the first blog I visited -
Notes from the Rookery, 
- was about a painting she had just finished of a winged lion.
 Isn't it ironic . . .

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  1. Isn't that incredible?

    Like Michelle's farmhouse, whose original owner was Robert Burridge!

    It's great being on this magical journey with you!



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