Thursday, July 19, 2012

Scanning Artwork

Lately, I have been having such a problem scanning my art. The scans are awful - the art is so much better. Is my scanner going bad? Am I saving it incorrectly? Does anyone have a suggestion? I only have Home Office equipment - an HP Printer Scanner and I import with Windows Live Photo Gallery and use Microsoft Office to manipulate.

Here I've saved it as a JPEG

And here I've saved it as a TIF

Another JPEG

Another TIF

The JPEG files seem more grainy than the TIF - or is it just me?

My scanner sucks, too (sorry for the language).

LOL - I see a trend!


  1. My scanner sucks, too (sorry for the language).

  2. The bird just seems "grayer" to me, not such high contrast. Also, when you look at Duffy's cheeks, the second one has lost some color and evidence of your pencil line...more blended, muted.

  3. The jpeg is grainy, especially on the colored piece. I've been in search of the perfect scanner and printer for years, but everything comes up short. I hate having to pay a pro to make my lithos for me, which are never up to par anyway.



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