Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Message to all my Writer Friends . . .

A month ago my daughter gave me the book UNSAID: A NOVEL by Neil Abramson. It took me awhile before I could read it because I knew the narrator of the story, a veterinarian, was speaking from her grave about animals and their humane or inhumane treatment. I finally finished it two weeks ago along with a box of Kleenexes. It was a beautifully written story about our relationships with animals and our responsibility to ensure they have a peaceful and pain free life and make the best decisions for them when they become sick and infirm. Little did I know that two weeks later I would remember the lessons in this book as we helped our senior dog, Cody, pass on to greener fields.

So - my message to all my WRITER FRIENDS is that I believe the universe gives you the words to write. Words that someday a reader like me needs to hear to get us  through our life experiences. You might write something as profound as this book or maybe stories about love, or a history lesson, something funny (Lord knows we could all use a laugh), something true or make-believe, or maybe a story that will give us a damn good scare. Whatever you write - there is a reader out there who at sometime is their life will need to read what you've written.

So - to all my WRITER FRIENDS - thank you! and keep writing!


  1. So sorry for your loss, Judy. ((Big hugs)) Thank you for sharing this beautiful story and the kind words that went along with it.

    You always make me smile...:)

    Much love,

  2. I love you Mrs. Grupp!!! I've been thinking of you all so much lately and am really happy we have this blog (and Facebook) to keep in touch!!!



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