Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sketchbook Journal Cat page

While I had the Watercolors out
I thought I would attempt another
color sketch.

I'm sure the idea of these cats belongs to someone else. If I remember correctly in the original art the cats had plumbing on their insides. I apologize for borrowing your idea. My intention was not to copy or steal.

"We borrow from each other,
learn from each other,
and in the end we all grow."
~ Mary Kuilema 
So - It is nearly time to put this sketchbook down for good. It has taken on a life of its own and possessed me. Even if I think of a good idea for a painting, I can't make it to the studio. Instead I gravitate to the sketchbook. I carry it around with me, never leaving it out of my sight.
I have immortalized the Sketchbook in this blog and shared it with whoever might pass by hoping to bring closure to this process. It has taken nearly a year of my life to get this far and even as I write this, I am thinking of more things I could draw in this book.
Am I crazy?

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