Friday, August 16, 2013

Gracious Heart

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I've put the illustrating on the back burner. It's time to knock out a few new paintings for a gallery exhibit in November. I'm including a few older paintings in the show, so, these new ones have to be similar so my "body of work" is cohesive.
This "cohesive" style/technique includes acrylic paint and collage and a touch of WHIMSY
 - and using my own art as the collage material.
 I've had this idea of illustrating a gracious heart.
I've painted a red heart  - on a black background.
Added strips of matching fabric as a border on the bottom,
and paper in the heart and background.
The solid black background is boring - so - what to do?

I've made flowers with my colored pencils and cut them out individually
and glued them down with matte medium.
I was going to write Gracious Heart in the white strip under the heart,
but decided not. Still, the background . . . .

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