Tuesday, December 3, 2013


It's December, Christmas is breathing down my neck, and the dark days of winter are drawing me into the hibernation mode. I need a project, a goal, something to spark my creativity.
I should have started a project like Barbara Parker's blog - 365 Guitars. Barbara is an artist I met at a Robert Burridge workshop.  The beginning of this year she started a blog where everyday she would post a photo of something that looked like a guitar.

Parker - Create Each Day

You might ask, why a guitar? It didn't have to be a guitar, it could have been anything. The point is, she had a daily goal. Find something that looked like a guitar. Seems relatively simple. She was looking all around her all the time everyday for ideas. Don't you think her observation skills improved? Don't you think she found not only guitars but creative sparks for her painting and art?

That's what I need for Next Year. A daily goal.
A constant focus. A cattle prod.

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   Merry Christmas