Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Blind Sided by the Muse

So - I'm plugging away - trying to finish a few paintings I started weeks ago. 
The Inspiration is not there and it feels more like a chore. 
But my mantra is 
no matter what. arrrrrrrrgh!
Then without warning I am 
blind sided by my Muse.

 I'm looking at a book from 1997 about Art Quilts and there is one quilt that just captures my attention, 
I keep going back to it,
I love the design and the colors.
I can see a mixed media piece in my Minds Eye evolving from this inspiration.
The old paintings get tucked to the side and I start on this inspiration. 
Since I am not prepared as far as the supplies are concerned, 
I dig out a painting that needs to be recycled.
 It was originally a collage, so when I paint it with the black gesso, there is a lot of texture.
 I add more texture by collaging a few used
coffee filters and tissue paper.

 Then I add another layer of watered down brown and black paint. 
My base is done.

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