Friday, January 16, 2015

Pin Cushion Art Journal Painting

December. The ultimate holiday month. Time spent Shopping. 
Decorating. Wrapping. Cooking. Cleaning. Family and Friends. 
It’s futile to think I can squeeze any studio time into this hectic schedule. 
But the plans for my painting and other art projects are still in my head.

Swirling around and growing like bread dough in a bowl. 
Frustrating that I can’t take the time to knead the dough. Savor the baking. Enjoy the aroma. 
Instead I settle for the 15 minutes I can steal during each day to work on the canvas.

The layers slowly add up. The under-painting.
the quilted fabric squares.
The garish primary colors that make me wish
 I had more time to paint the many layers that will get me closer to the finished product

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  1. I enjoy your witty way of writing as much as your artwork! This is a delightful piece!



   Merry Christmas