Saturday, June 27, 2015

Gratitude Greeting Cards

I like to make my own greeting cards using my own artwork.
Gratitude is the theme of these cards.
I want them to be colorful and unusual. Of course mixed-media will be the style. I've covered the background with pages from vintage song books and cook books. I spend too much time reading my collage papers. Layers of Glazes and Stamping.

The bottom border is made from fabric squares. My homage to the nine patch quilt. I've left space in the middle for words.
The main space - the focus - are collaged hearts. 
 The Soul of Gratitude. 
A good place to begin.

Three more designs . . .


I will scan this artwork in the computer and digitally add the words. Professional photo prints will be made. I only have an ink jet printer, which makes poor copies that will fade. I could buy laser copies, but I like the photo prints best. 
I think I will put them on Etsy to see if anyone else likes them..

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