Monday, September 28, 2015

Art Journal Drawing with Ink

My 2015 Journal is completed, stuffed full of things important only to me. That's the way Journals should be. 

This year I visited The Harry Potter Theme Park at Universal Studios in Florida. I love the Harry Potter books and this theme park was just as magical! I bought a couple post cards, cause I am a big spender - and glued them in my journal. I added the paint strip because I can't leave the hardware store without selecting at least one of these. Then I filled the rest of the page with my own drawing.

The page makes sense to me - and that's the only thing I care about. 
The journal is mine. It is not supposed to make sense to anyone else. 

I am sharing my journal pages to show that you can put absolutely anything that you love in your journal. It is not for sale, it is not for an exhibit, it is only a repository for things you want to keep and remember.


  1. Hi Judy, I like what you have to say here about your art journal. I agree that it's a way to record your thoughts, ideas, memories and whatever you want. Your art is very nice. Did you have formal training or are you exploring for yourself? I only ask because I am self-taught for the most part. Do you have any advice for a reinvented teacher?

    1. Hi Janet - I have 1+years at Art College and many many years of classes at local art associations. And, like you, I have taught myself! My advice is to study all types of art and mediums. It keeps you fresh and out of a rut. It's good to know how to draw, so practice that frequently. My most freeing experience was studying experimental abstract painting. It took me back to my basics which since has improved my current art.



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