Monday, January 25, 2016

The Evolution of L.E.O.

My L.E.O. painting 
first started December 2014. Not being satisfied with it, I set it aside for a few months. In June 2015, I brought it back out. I added more Lion masks. Obviously not enough change because loving it still alluded me. Just to confirm my opinion, I entered it in a Juried Show - it was not juried in. Thereby confirming, I was not the only one feeling nothing from this painting. Back to the closet the painting went. I'd think about it every so often. I actually decided I would paint over it and re-use the canvas. 


Then into my head came Lion Fish. Why not? Not all lions are of the feline variety. I drew some Lion Fish with my awesome colored pencils and collaged them on my L.E.O. painting. 
Perfect. Or, at the very least, much better! 

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