Monday, July 3, 2017

Collage and Greeting Cards


Wonderful medium ~  collage

I've made these little 8 x 10" collages specifically for greeting cards.
The background of the collage starts with a canvas board, pages from 
old books, hymnals, and stamped with acrylic paint.

Because they are small, I am able to use the scraps of collage ephemera 
that I have accumulated over the years. The colorful border at
 the bottom  is collaged fabric, also saved scraps.

The blue birds were a resident of my sketchbook. 
I trimmed the extra paper and collaged them here.

Once I am satisfied with the collage, I scan it to my computer and 
add the text. I save the collage and text as a JPEG file and send it to an 
on-line company to make a 4 x 6" photo print.

Double sided tape is the secret ingredient. 
I tape the photo print to a blank purchased card with matching envelope. 
The photo prints are the perfect option for me, since
 I do not own a professional color printer.

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