Friday, October 29, 2021

The Portable Studio


This is my new studio - Portable Studio.

We are in between selling our house and buying a new house. But no matter where I am, with my portable equipment, I can continue to produce art. To be clear, I only made provisions for Colored Pencil Art. Clean. Easy to transport. No messy paints or glue or water or anything to clean up. 

The rolling storage cart can easily be moved room to room, even outside on the deck or patio. The easel is a table style. It can be set up on a variety of surfaces and is small and compact. 

I normally do not use an easel. I prefer sitting on the sofa with my art on my lap. My sofa is an orphanage for lost colored pencils. But I have noticed some of my drawings are a little distorted. This is a common occurrence when drawing on a flat surface, distorted perspective. With my new easel, I am going to create my art in the position in which it will be viewed.

For when I travel or actually move, I purchased an Artist Backpack. It surprisingly holds everything in the rolling storage cart with a few empty pockets to spare! 
It is very heavy, so i will not be carrying it around.

Here is my studio ready to go!

All of this is thanks to the Cultural Alliance 
2021 Artist Professional Development Grant.

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