Monday, August 17, 2009

Canvas Collages or Painting with Paper

I've started the creatures I want to collage on my canvases. Faces in flowers seems appropriate. Pen & Ink to start with, then I'll finish them with colored pencils.

Colored pencils respond well to collage - the acrylic medium and varnish.

Today I discovered the blog site for Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson, collage artist. She describes her art as "painting with paper". I love it! It gives credence to the paper arts. Just like colored pencils - so many people think it's just coloring - like with crayons when we were kids. I shall call it "painting with colored pencils".

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the PROVERBIAL art Journal - by Judy Grupp, available on

page 74,  the PROVERBIAL art Journal. Pen and ink sketch - 2018. I had to draw monkeys for this proverb that I love!