Thursday, January 7, 2010

Take action everyday toward your Goals

Jan 7.2010

My List of Goals for 2010 is complete!!
. . . the number of paintings I will need for the gallery, and for upcoming shows, new work for ebay and etsy, what new galleries to contact, publishers to submit to, new stories to write, stories to illustrate, new projects, new ideas I want to try, books to read, marketing for on-line business, facebook, blog . . . Now comes the Action Plan or the Schedule and along with my spanking brand new 2010 Calendar/Planner . . . I need to map out a schedule for each goal, breaking them down into small doable daily actions and put those actions in the calendar . . .I will plan my whole year with daily actions to accomplish my goals.
"You can accomplish more if you take action everyday toward your goals"
~ The Affluent Artist

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