Friday, January 29, 2010

The Creativty Challenge ~ Jan 29.2010

 Jan 29
Challenge yourself and stay Creative

1. Do something new every time you make your art.
2. Look for new possibilities and solutions, try new material and processes
3. Keep an open mind, never say NO when you could say “I’ll try that”
4. Look around you – really LOOK! See the inspiration in the everyday stuff.
5. Don’t be afraid to fail, embrace the “happy accidents”, look for new opportunities in your failed artwork
6. Challenge the rules, do the same idea again but in a different style

7. Research the subject or idea you are working on, become the expert, fall in love with it.
8. Don’t be logical, keep it fun and PLAY!
9. Practice Practice Practice
10. Stay focused, Keep working, Never Give Up
11. Don’t rely on the experts, go with your own intuition

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