Monday, February 1, 2010

Feb 1, 2010 ~ Is Creativity Temporary?

Feb 1st
Is Creativity temporary?

I’m reading the “AFFLUENT ARTIST” and this question was asked . . . “What if your gift has an expiration date? . . . What if you are only given the gift temporarily? . . . How many painters became famous only after they died?”

How timely – I have been wondering this myself. It all started when I decided to make the bunny in the attached photo. I needed a model for some illustrations, and rather then buy one, I decided to make it. The bunny is no stranger; I made his sister 15 years ago, and still had the pattern and the material for him (you know how we artists like to save things forever).

So, I made the bunny – sew sew sew! I did not do this poor bunny any justice – his arms are upside down, that's only one of the problems. You would think it was the first time I had ever applied thread to fabric! But I do know how to sew; I’ve been sewing for 50 years! But in those 50 years, my eyes now require trifocals and my fingers ache from the arthritis and my back demands frequent breaks.

Back to the original question – I don’t think the gift is temporary – but I do believe our tools – our body – has an expiration date. I have to use my gift within the limitations of my poor ole’ bones.

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