Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Feb 3 ~ Creativity is Limitless

Feb 3rd  ~  Creativity is Limitless

. . . “Your gift is limitless . . . the Universe is at your disposal . . . you just have to be open to possibility and the Law of Attraction”

Without realizing it, I have been changing my art to work within the limitations of my body. I discovered Abstract or Non-Representational Art when I took an experimental water-media class. I don’t have to worry about the teeny realistic details I can no longer see, or the discomfort of holding a pen for hours, or standing at the easel until my knees are the size of grapefruits! I mix it up – a little abstract, a little realism, I stand and sit, I paint with a sponge and glue with my fingers!

The gift will always be here.

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