Sunday, July 25, 2010

Button Bunny and Dogwoods - Acrylic Mixed Media

This recycled canvas is my favorite. The inspirational napkin was worth all of the $6.oo that it cost! I love the colors - I love the coffee filters and I love the antique buttons! It takes guts to paint over a painting - even a bad painting - but the opportunities can be so interesting. This painting had so much to work with, elements from the original that work so well with the new design. Is it luck - or was this bunny just waiting for me to find him?
SIDEBAR COMMENT: I had this painting in a local show and one of the viewers was surprised when I told her I had drawn the bunny, she thought it was a collaged picture from a magazine! On one hand - a compliment - on the other, if my audience thinks it is collaged found paper, does that decrease the value of the painting? That bunny is my own colored pencil drawing, made into an acrylic medium transfer - a lot of work there!!
July 24, 2010


  1. Judy,

    This is one cool bunny, as to your side bar note no decrease in value I think it adds to the value that she thought your bunny was so good it was in print all ready:0)

    I really like this bunny, great work!


  2. Wonderful job - the bunny is lovely, I often wonder the same thing when I use a mixture of my own drawings - or stamps I have carved and images from elsewhere. But I am sure it doesn't lessen the value of the work at all - it increases it by knowing there is no other like it.



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