Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Kudos to Jonathan Talbot!! I just read his article in the July/August issue of The Artist Magazine. "Piecing It Together: New Trends in Collage". Finally - a fine art publication has validated collage as an art form. Not just the collages from Picasso, but modern day collages. Especially, the collages using TEXT and PICTURES from old books and SHEET MUSIC and GLUE GLUE and GLUE!! I added collage to my portfolio about 6 years ago and have struggled to have the fine art community accept it. My peers at our local Art Association pooh poohed it and seem to pass it off as a hobby. Once I had an exhibit, and as I unpacked all my paintings, they refused to hang the collages because it was a fine art exhibit, and the collages were too "CRAFTY". The Gallery where I hang a few paintings during the year, tried a few of my collages, but they were not received very well - because - it was a fine art gallery audience. So now for these venues I do mixed media painitngs -
but in the privacy of my studio -
July 9, 2010

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  1. Judy,

    I was not aware of Jonathan Talbot Thanks for that his work is very nice:)
    I was not even aware of the snubs you recieved from the local art community I always find it odd that our local art community seems to always to be asking for something new or vibrant but when they get it the first thing they do is walk it out the door thats why we keep getting the same old thing over and over.

    I was thinking that visaul collage work is the equivalent of what sampling is to the music industry a piece of different images,text papers and textures reconfigured to say something new/different.

    Thanks for keeping me informed about this form of art:0)!!!




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