Monday, October 18, 2010

Portfolio Critque

I thought this was a fun Halloweeny picture - mixed media - I drew the pumpkin with colored pencils, and used the drawing as one of the collage elements. Just to see how it would be recieved in the "children's book" arena, I included it in my portfolio.

After lingering over it a while, they said it had a
nice graphic quality - then said nothing else. What did that mean? I guess it wouldn't work as a book illustration?

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  1. Judy,

    Works as a presentation but not as a illustrations does that make sense?
    It has a quality to it that you would see on the end papers of a childrens book that would be decorative but for it to be more illustrative have a child carrying that pumpkin with maybe 2 or 3 bats flying over her as she is walking in the moonlight or with a glowing pumpkin.

    Does that help some?




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