Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Words of Encouragement . . .

Thank you CLYTIE . . .

Clytie is an artist who claims to "see things differently"
I think the only way she sees things differently is that she actually sees things that the rest of us don't.  She is an  APPRECIATOR and an OBSERVER,  in a world that has forgot the importance and the benefits of both.


And while she is OBSERVING, she APPRECIATES when those of us in her cyberWORLD need a cyberHUG, and she freely showers us with her Random Hearts. She is a treasure.


  1. Ohmigosh, you made me CRY! What beautiful words of encouragement - showing me YOUR beautiful heart and soul. Of course I already knew that, because that beauty comes out in your artwork.

    Thank you for these words ... I will treasure them in my heart!!!



  2. You are absolutely right, Judy! And what a gift of words you have--to have described Sissy so perfectly.

    She has seen life and things my eyes have not, since the day she was born.

    And what a lovely day that was. I treasure what you've written about Clytie--the truth you wrote is undeniable--and SO well written.



   Merry Christmas