Friday, November 25, 2011

Words of Encouragement . . .

Thank you ELLIE . . .

Thank you for showing up on my blog whenever I need a lift or a dose of reality - TRY AGAIN and KEEP GOING. The best advice ever - so simple, yet so true!!

Ellie and I were cut from the same piece of cloth. When we were kids, if we wanted to play, we made our own toys, mainly paper dolls. Ellie is the same way today, inspired by her grandchildren, she started her own business, making clothes for little girls. What lucky grandchildren to have Ellie as dressing them in fantabulous beautiful colorful clothes!

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  1. Thanks, Judy. Love the paper dolls. I see you got lots of words of encouragement. What a lift! I'm passing along your "encouragement" on my blog.



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