Monday, September 23, 2013

nakedTRUTH Art Exhibit

It's official!
The nakedTRUTH Art Exhibit
is officially scheduled. 
The postcards have arrived from VistaPrint
and will be in the mail in a few weeks.
Naming an exhibit is a challenge, especially when more than just you is involved. The name has to be meaningful for all the artists. The one goal all five of us had in common - was to find an attention grabbing name. We agreed upon "NAKED" for that goal.
It's a shocking word, hopefully a word that will encourage people to attend the exhibit. Open that door and come inside. There won't be any paintings of nudity - but that will start the conversation.
nakedTRUTH, for me personally describes how I feel every time I show my art in public. Those paintings are a very personal part of me, they come from a depth in me that even I don't understand. To hang them on a wall for anyone to look at - well, that makes me uncomfortable and feeling naked.  

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