Monday, May 29, 2017

Designing Book Cover for Middle Grade Readers - trolls

I have been commissioned to design and create a book cover. A book for middle-grade readers, a  book with no illustrations inside. The book is filled with short stories about the supernatural. The author wanted the cover to illustrate the story titled: TROLLS IN THE ATTIC.

The author wanted to show the scene of a young girl in the attic looking in a box she had found. The box is magical and when she opened it, trolls were released. I conceptualized it by adding the trees which showed up later in the story. 

In the designing of this cover, or any cover, I must remember to leave room for the title, authors name, the ISBN code, and possibly a blurb on the back.  I added the graytones so she could see the dark and menacing atmosphere in the attic.

I created two versions to give the author an idea of what the cover could look like. It is just a starting point - an avenue for communication between the artist and the author. 

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